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Parallel Project: Joshua Treenial

  • BoxoPROJECTS  62732 Sullivan Road  Joshua Tree, CA 92252  (map)

Joshua Treenial 
Project Dates: April 12-14 
Opening Reception: April 12, 7-10pm


The Joshua Treenial is a weekend of art, installations, performances and community building that highlights all that Joshua Tree inspires and makes possible. Installations and performances take place at BoxoHOUSE in Joshua Tree, CA and at iconic local venues such as The Integratron. Cultural Partners are invited to produce exhibitions and programming that culturally activate the entire region. The Joshua Treenial is produced by BoxoPROJECTS.  

This edition of the Joshua Treenial is titled Paradise::Parallax. Historically a place of refuge and transformation, the desert is paradise to diverse forms of life. Over eons, the local ecology has adapted to establish a delicate balance of life and lack. Indigenous peoples, prospectors, individualists, artists and others have all made their ways here. Much has flourished in the wide expanses and endless horizons. Many dreams are born in the desert…some come to fruition. The Joshua Treenial 2019 celebrates all the differing variations of desert paradise and the multiple viewpoints that they encompass.  

Artists: Carl Berg and Cecilia Miniucchi, Ryan Campbell, Anibal Catalan, Rachel Dagnall and Per Platou, Jeff Frost, Séverin Guelpa, Mary Addison Hackett, Samantha Harris and Almond Zigmund, Adriene Jenik and Dominic Miller, Mathias Kessler, Angus McCullough, Michael Petry, Sabine Reckewell, Aili Schmeltz, Lewis deSoto, Ivan Wong.