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Desert X and Palm Springs Art Museum Non-Symposium

Desert X and Palm Springs Art Museum Non-Symposium

  • February 28

    • 6pm Conversation: Ed Ruscha, Andrea Zittel, JoAnne Northrup, Brooke Hodge, Moderated by Neville Wakefield

  • March 1

    • 4pm – panel w/Phillip K. Smith, Nicholas Galanin, Cara Romero, moderated by Amanda Hunt

    • 5:45pm – Allison Akootchook Warden presents her Twitter Poems in the museum galleries

    • 7pm – An Evening of Performance with Allison Akootchook Warden and Nicholas Galanin

  • March 2

    • 10am – panel @ Salton Sea Yacht Club w/Chris Taylor, Carolina Caycedo?, Ian James (from Desert Sun) -Matthew + PSAM Director of Education - Leonardo Bravo co-moderate?

    • 11:30am – Desert X Salton Sea sites

    • 1pm – Lerma Studio Visit, Coachella Walls tour, and lunch

    • 4-6pm – Sunnylands event, Iman Issa viewing and cocktail reception

  • March 3

    • 10 AM – Desert Hot Springs sites tour, Julian Hoeber, Katie Ryan (Amanda? Neville?)

    • 12pm Lunch at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

    • 2pm Afternoon – “Lobbying” @ PSAM 

      • Acting as a kind of contemporary conversation pit, the museum lobby welcomes visitors to learn more about local topics affecting the Coachella Valley, or use provided prompts to more deeply discuss the themes of Desert X and Unsettled with your group, or, who ever happens to sit next to you. 

      • Community Garden Swap

    • 5pm Katie Grinnan’s 5 Seconds of Dreaming Performance

    • 7pm closing night @ ACE

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