Desert Exhibition of Art
From Feb 25 through April 30, 2017, the Coachella Valley and its desert landscape will become the canvas for a curated exhibition of site-specific work by established and emerging artists, whose projects will amplify and articulate global and local issues that may range from climate change to starry skies, from Tribal culture and immigration to tourism, gaming, and golf. The art works, in various indoor and outdoor locations, will be available free and will offer visitors a way to see the Valley and reflect on serious and playful issues through the lens of the participating artists' creativity and work.

Desert X is produced by Desert Biennial, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2015 to bring the finest international artists to the Coachella Valley to create art, engage viewers, and focus attention on the Valley's environment — its natural wonders as well as socio-political-economic issues that make it vibrant, curious, and exciting.

Desert X, an international, contemporary art exhibition, will focus attention on and create conversation about environmental, social, and cultural conditions of the 21st century as reflected in the greater Palm Springs area. The Coachella Valley stretches east and south from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. It is a desert environment, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the United States. Long a sacred site and home to the Native American tribe of Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, it has become known for tourism, camping, hiking and golf, its rich modern architectural history, as well as for entertainers and politicians who have enjoyed this vibrant area.


Neville Wakefield - Artistic Director
Elizabeta Betinski - Executive Director
Marianne Falk - Managing Director
Kamil Beski and Alexandra Moran - Production Management
Ben Hartley - Special Consultant
Mara McKevitt - Exhibition Manager
Marnie Navarro - Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Ken Kuchin

Yael Lipschutz, Ph.D.

Zoe Lukov  
Director of Exhibitions, Faena Art Center, Miami Beach &
Buenos Aires  

Tristan Milanovich  
Fashion stylist  

Dr. Steve Nash  
Former Executive Director, Palm Springs Art Museum  

Ed Ruscha

Lyn Winter
International communications and marketing strategist
Former Director of Communications, MOCA, Los Angeles

Susan L. Davis - President
Editorial Director, The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands

Dr. Steve Nash - Vice President
Former Executive Director, Palm Springs Art Museum

Mary Sweeney - Vice President
Chair, Film Independent Board of Directors
Dino and Martha De Laurentiis Endowed Professor,
School of Cinematic Arts, USC

Margaret Keung - Treasurer
Senior Banker, Pacific Premier Bank

Elizabeth K. Sorensen - Secretary
Trustee, The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands

Paul Clemente
Art Director, Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival
& Stagecoach Festival

Beth Rudin DeWoody
Art Collector, Curator, and President, Rudin Family Foundations

Jamie Kabler
Entrepreneur; Founder, Rancho Mirage Writers Festival


Education Committee

Carol Nash

Advisory Committee

Ximena Caminos
Brad Dunning
Nohra Haime
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Eric Shiner
Franklin Sirmans
Doug Smith
Josie Smith
Angela Westwater

Founding Benefactors

Founding Members

Founding Members Event, Sept 29, Los Angeles